Womenade of Castle Rock Women Making Lemonade Out of Life's Lemons
Womenade of Castle RockWomen Making Lemonade Out of Life's Lemons

Who We Are

There’s really nothing official…we are a group of women in Castle Rock (friends inviting friends) who gather, with a potluck dish and $25 (or any other amount).  We've experienced how together, all of our $25 can do more.  From helping a child whose hearing aid has been eaten by the family dog to a family suffering from a cancer diagnosis - we are a group desiring to help out with needs we become aware of through our friends…really, the needs that might not otherwise be met…a hand up…a gift.  


History of Womenade

Womenade of Castle Rock is a spin-off of a group that began in Washington, DC in 2001. Amy Kossoff is a doctor who was aware of so many financial needs, and limited in how she could help.  So, she gathered some friends for a potluck meal.  The idea has blossomed into many groups throughout the country.


Your Donation

A word about your generous donations:  Womenade is not a 501 (c) (3).  We have chosen not to pursue becoming designated as a 501 (c) (3) for several reasons.  Our Womenade of Castle Rock Group was formed over nine years ago with the express purpose of helping people in our community that needed a helping hand and were "under the radar" of other organizations.  Our nominees come from within our group and our community - we do not advertise. 

This type of organization is considered by the IRS as a "giving circle" and because we give our funds directly to the families, we do not meet the criteria for a tax exempt status. 

Funds received from our events goes to supporting families in our community.  Ten percent (10%) of the funds collected from each event are held in our HUG fund to help families in our community in between our quarterly events.  HUG funds have helped buy groceries for families going through crisis to helping a young girl from a single parent home helping to raise her siblings go to summercamp.  Our WOMENADE Board is completely volunteer based.

How Much We've Raised Over the Years

As of November 2021 we have collected and given nearly $134,000 to over 200 recipients in our community.  So, your generous $25.00 gift adds up and helps so many!  Thank you for your caring and giving.  Your seed gifts grow beyond what you can imagine!

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