Womenade of Castle Rock Women Making Lemonade Out of Life's Lemons
Womenade of Castle RockWomen Making Lemonade Out of Life's Lemons

Here's a Brief Description of How We've Helped Over the Years

As of January 2023,  Womenade has raised nearly $134,000 distributed to over 200 Castle Rock neighbors and friends over the years...


Spring 2023 - Gift to help a family dealing with family member who had leg amputated.

December 2022 - Gift for a family who escaped the dangers of Venezuela and are starting a new life in Castle Rock.

September 2022 - Gift for a family whose teenage daughter is fighting a rare cancer.

June 2022 - Gift to a family whose mother and unborn child passed away very unexpectedly.

December 2021 - Gift for a family who lost their husband/father to COVID.


December 2020 - Gift for a couple where wife was battling a rare cancer and husband had a rare blood clotting disorder.


April 2020 - Gift for a small business owner whose husband and business partner died unexpectedly.


December 2019 - Gift for family with young children that had lost their mother.


September 2019 - Gift for family that has been dealing with the long recovery process from liver disease.


June 2019 - Gift for family where father was diagnosed with ALS.


March 2019 - Father had received a devastating medical diagnosis.


December 2018 - Split Gift: Mother with young children recently passed away from cancer; single mom struggling after a divorce.


September 2018 - Helped a family whose young son was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and only hospital that could help was in Ohio.  Also helped with a young lady who survived a horrific car accident and spent over a week in ICU and rehab at Craig Hospital.


June 2018 - Gift for a family who has fallen on hard times and needed help finding affordable housing.  Also helped a faily where the father had passed after a long illness.


March 2018 - Gift for a family whose young son had a sinus infection and the infection settled in his brain.  Endured 4 brain surgeries, 3 weeks in ICU and rehab at Craig Hospital.


December 2017 - Gift for a single mom who had been fighting cancer for a second time and is self employed.


September 2017 - Help for a young family where their 5 year old had been in the hospital for a month with a heart problem.   Also helped a child with Downs Syndrome who had been in the hospital for an extended period of time.


June 2017 - Help for a widow with a very sick child and a help to a single mom with special needs who is working and going back to school.


March 2017 - Support for a women who had been in 4 car accidents where none of them were her fault and she was unable to work.  Helped a single mom who had to move unexpectedly due to landlord selling house with very short notice.


December 2016 - Help for a mom and 4 kids leaving a domestic violence situation.


September 2016 - Decided to split the funds between two families in need.  Half went to a young single mom of two young girls.  The mother was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer.  The other half went to a women in her young 70's who is trying to restart her life.  Needs help with a place to live and is starting on a new career.


June 2016 - Original recipient was to be for a recent High School graduate living on his own since February - however he had requested that the money be given to a family who could not make their July rent for the month.  We made the donation to the family for rent and we were able to give a small gift to the original nominee for his generous heart.


Mar 2016 - Family of 4 where father waiting for a transplant and young son diagnosed with diabetes.


Dec 2015 - Help for a family who was hit by an uninsured drunk driver leaving the son with multiple serious injuries.


Sept 2015 - Help for a family with a 2 year old with an undiagnosed neuromuscular disease.


Sept 2015 - Paid to repair a car of a woman in a domestic violence situation, working towards her independence. 


June 2015 - Distributed funds to help a single mother who had been in a bicycle accident which prevented her from working for a period of time.


April 2015 - Gift card to a family where son has had multiple medical issues and was housebound - could not go outside and had several hospital visits.


April 2015 - Helped to purchase a bed lift for a family where their two boys have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.


Dec 2014 - Father out of work due to work injury - provided money so young children could have Christmas gifts.


Dec 2014 - Provided money to family whose mother was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Young children in household.


Sept 2014 - Provided accessible modifications in a home for a woman in wheelchair.


June 2014 - Gift card for family of six children who were having trouble making ends meet, both parents working.


June 2014 - check to family where the father suffered a spinal chord stroke which left him paralyzed from the waist down.  He then had several complications which resulted in further pain and medical expenses.


March 2014 - Help for a family where son had broken his neck in a wrestling tournament and was paralyzed from the chest down.

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Can't make our event but still want to help?  Please send your donation to:

Donna Scott
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Phone: (303) 918-3218

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